About us

Gaby, from Wemint

Wemint is a professional hosting company. We host your digital infrastructure and we will help you with maintenance, etc. We're also working on a fully managed solution (PAAS) based on LXD and other open source software.

Gaby is a Systems Administrator and the co-founder of Wemint. Gaby also likes to share some workflow, tips, tricks and other lucky findings related to IT.

Maxime (aka Nek), from Gangbowl

Gangbowl is a fight-with-a-ball game. Maxime is the lead developer of this game, he is also the leader of the french organization around Symfony (AFSY.fr). Maxime is a passionate open source developer, you can see his contributions over there.

Gangbowl is based on open source software, and there's a lot to say, this is essentially what this blog is about: writing about software and tools we use or develop.

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We hope you'll like this blog! Enjoy it, and don't hesitate to send us some feedback, we love feedback.